Do I need to create a user?

There is no need to create a user. This app supports use by one student at a time. If you would like multiple students to use the app, please purchase the app under a new account for each student. Family sharing features may be coming at a future time.

Why can only one person use the app at a time?

SAT Insight tracks your progress and personalizes the learning experience to your individual learning style. To take full advantage of this feature you must have your own account to work from. If more than one person uses the same account, it will confuse the algorithm and you won't learn as quickly.

How do I switch modules?

If you are not at the main screen (dashboard) you can press the back button in the top left to return to the main menu, where you can choose a different module. Your progress in each module will be saved, so you can switch back and fourth between modules if you would like.

What does the circle in the top right of the screen mean?

We track your performance on each trial. A gray circle indicates how much time you have left to answer the question. The purple ring will indicate how close you are to mastering a particular learning topic.

Do I have to do this all in one sitting?

No! This app operates on a principle known as "spaced learning," which means it's better for your long-term memory to spread out your practice. Use this app for 15-20 minutes every day, or whenever you have a spare moment.

The app isn't working / something's going wrong. What should I do?

If you experience any problems with this app, contact our support team at In your email, please include as many details of your experience as possible.