Provacy Policy

Privacy Statement Summary

Data Collection

The SAT Insight app uses learner data such as accuracy and response speed to tailor the learning experience to the individual user. All such user data is transmitted to our servers.

This app does not transmit user information of any sort. We do not collect any user data as it pertains to your performance in the app, nor do we collect any personal or demographic information.

Learning data at Insight Learning Technology is only used to enhance the learning experience, and never for commercial purposes, e.g. it is never distributed or sold to a third party.

Deleting User Information

To delete your performance information, you must uninstall the Geography Insight app.

Changes to This Policy

In the event that any significant updates are made to this privacy policy, you will be notified from within the SAT Insight app.ill indicate how close you are to mastering a particular learning topic.