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Insight Learning Technology

Cutting edge methods from the learning sciences drive our interactive learning software, targeting hard to teach domains in K-12 education such as basic math and algebra.

Our students learn to see the patterns and relationships that matter, allowing them to apply their skills to new situations.


  • Adaptive Learning Technology

    Our patented adaptive learning technology tailors learning to the individual, using past and current performance to optimize the spacing and sequencing of learning events.

  • Perceptual Learning

    Our patent pending perceptual learning technology offers for the first time methods to teach pattern recognition and intuition.

  • Progress Tracking & Score Reporter

    Our interactive, adaptive software tracks progress, provides specialized feedback and rich formative assessment. Each learner reaches mastery of the material in the most efficient way possible.

  • Education Standards

    Learning modules for K-12 math education align with proposed national education standards.

Geography Insight - iPad App

Learn geography using Insight's adaptive learning app. Learn all the regions and countries in the world.


  • Students & Parents

    Our learning modules will help you learn faster and better!

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    Group subscription plans for classrooms and schools.

  • Corporate & Professional Training

    Solutions tailored specifically to your business needs.

  • Custom Learning

    Products tailored specifically for you