The best new
way to learn.

Insight Learning Technology offers software products that incorporate revolutionary new tools to accelerate learning beyond what is possible using conventional instruction.

Cutting edge methods from the learning sciences drive our interactive learning software, targeting hard to teach domains in K-12 education such as basic math and algebra.

Our students learn to see the patterns and relationships that matter, allowing them to apply their skills to new situations.

  • Our patented adaptive learning technology tailors learning to the individual, using past and current performance to optimize the spacing and sequencing of learning events.
  • Our patent pending perceptual learning technology offers for the first time methods to teach pattern recognition and intuition.
  • Our interactive, adaptive software tracks progress, provides specialized feedback and rich formative assessment. Each learner reaches mastery of the material in the most efficient way possible.
  • Learning modules for K-12 math education align with proposed national education standards.

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Insight LT is supported by the
Institute of Education Sciences
(IES) SBIR Program at the
U.S. Department of Education.


Available Learning Modules:

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Algebra Insight™

Algebra Insight™ encourages students to pick up on underlying patterns and relationships in algebraic expressions, allowing them to more quickly recognize equivalent expressions and legal transformations.

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MultiRep Insight™

Through repeated presentations of different mapping combinations, the Multiple Representations (MultiRep) module helps students develop the ability to extract key information from word problems and generate the relevant equations and graphs needed to solve them.